Plastic Surgery in Singapore

Plastic surgery refers to the alteration or restoration of the body’s shape and function. There are different types of plastic surgery, but the most famous is cosmetic surgery, which is the surgical enhancement of one’s face or body. In Singapore and other parts of Asia, the number of cosmetic surgeries performed is rising every year. Now, cosmetic surgeries are widely accepted.


Well there is nothing wrong if you want to “enhance” your beauty or boost your self-confidence as long as you have the resources and as long as you feel happy. No one can stop you. If you plan to have a cosmetic surgery, it is important that you seek the best clinic. There are numerous clinics that you can trust. Just make sure to read reviews about them for your safety and protection. Note that cosmetic surgeries can be very expensive, depending on the procedure or what part you want to enhance. Common cosmetic procedures include:

  • Abdominoplasty – Many people are concerned about their abdomens. The solution is Abdominoplasty which seeks to flatten and reshape the abdomens.
  • Mammoplasty – Mammoplasty involves the breast. There are three types of this procedure – breast augmentations, reduction and lift. Breast augmentation or enlargement is the most famous. It uses silicone gel or fat grafting to increase the size of the breast.
  • Buttock Augmentation – Buttock augmentation is colloquially known as butt implant. It also uses silicone gel or fat grafting.
  • Peeling – If you have visible scars, chemical peeling can be an excellent solution to eliminate it. It can also deter acne and lessen wrinkles.
  • Liposuction – This procedure is famous for celebrities and stars. The procedure seeks to remove fat deposits with the use of suctions or ultrasonic energy. It doesn’t end with that for you need to exercise regularly.

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