Singapore Armed Forces Open House

The SAF (Singapore Armed Forces) wants the locals to know about the significance of defence and national security in the country. This objective paved way to the organizing of various events related to defence and national security. The SAF hopes to raise the level of awareness of the locals about the operation and the basics of armed forces.


Due to the public’s interest, the SAF have prepared different activities that everyone can take part in. Anyone interested about the operations of our armed forces are invited to attend the following:

  • Open Houses – Open houses are scheduled so that the public can view the dwelling place of the men in our Army, Navy and Air Force. Visitors may come anytime they like.
  • Rides – The SAF also organizes rides, which is popular for the locals. Locals can enjoy the ride on SAF’s military ships. This ride is for citizens and PRs (Permanent Residents) only. This is the perfect way to get the feel of being in the service.
  • Tours – During weekdays, students, employees, servicemen and leaders can book a group tour. Here, they will be introduced to different aspects of the armed forces. The tour takes place on specific open houses.

Armed forces are crucial in every country. Without it, we will remain vulnerable and prone to attack. Though the world now despises war, it is still important that we train our armed forces so that if we are ever attacked, we will be ready. By participating in these activities, the public will gain knowledge on how our country protects itself.

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