Studying Abroad: Making it Happen


We all want to be knowledgeable and it is only thru education that we can get all the knowledge in the world. There are many schools here in Singapore that can give us quality education. In fact, according to a world ranking study, the National University of Singapore is the number one educational institution in Asia.


However, there are many people who consider studying abroad. Studying abroad will give us more opportunities. There is nothing wrong if we wish to study abroad and broadening our horizons. The challenge now is how do we get started if we do not know where to begin? Fortunately, there are some tips that we can consider to make it happen.

Here are some tips:

  • Narrow down your choices: There are many options out there. It would be helpful if we nail down the specific location, the duration of our stay there and the program of study. Others consider certain industry that is growing fast when deciding where to go. It is also important that we select one goal but think of other contingencies.


  • Make the connections: Our connections will always help us ease things. Now that we narrowed our options, it is time that we connect. If we belong to an organization, maybe it can help us by way of introducing us to a network of people who has done this before.


  • Manage our expectations: Since this is our lifelong dream as an adult, we have to know that things will not turn out exactly what we planned them – if it works, great but if it will not, we should accept it.


  • Avoid being limited: Yes, there will come a time that it will not turn out the way we expect it and we would be discouraged. We have to remember that some things turn out for the best. We have to see this is also an opportunity to try something unexpected.


  • Studying with a different major: It is possible to study with a different major. The good news is that there are different majors that can bridge the gap. There is nothing wrong if we want to study a completely different major.


  • Considering scholarship: Scholarship is easy to think but in fact, it is hard to acquire. We need to prove to the school that we are a great addition to their academe.

This should be enough to get us started. It is now a matter of making it happen. We have to move right away whilst young. We should not wait no longer if we feel we are ready.

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