The History of Singapore Police Force

Actually, Singapore Police was older that any individual who lived here in the Singapore because of the fact that the Singapore Police Force (SPF) was established in 1819. In fact, it is the oldest command group in the country. During the past, there are only 15 people (1 Chief Police Officer is the name of Mr. Francis James Bernard, 1 prison officer and a sergeant along with the 12 patrol officers) who protect Singapore from criminals and its enemies.


In 1826, it was being reformed and united with Penang and Malacca. When the population increases, there are many major disorders that happen so that SPF can continue to its duty – to serve and protect people.

In the past years, it was in 1890 that policemen are required to wear songkok (a hat that is commonly worn by Muslim brothers and sisters), black shoes, trousers and long-sleeved coat. In the 19th century, police equipment and strategies are being modified since the appearance of fingerprint system and criminal registry. During the 1900s, the construction of the Police Headquarters at South Bridge Road started.


Today, SPF has Police Force Guidance and Training Center together with its communications Branch. Also, 2,000 tough policemen are added to the pool in which it made Singapore a better place to live. In 1946, there were some major changes in the organization and Volunteer Special Constabulary was established. In 1948, the country’s Police Force founded the Radio Division and the police emergency hotline ‘999’ began. In the 50s and 60s, Singapore was challenged by riots. Thus, the creation of the Riot Squad prospers.

Today, there are a lot of plans and development in the SPF so that they can continue to give Singaporeans a loyal protection.



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