The Indication of a Lie


Many people say that you cannot easily catch a person who is lying. But it is not difficult to know when and how you can catch an individual lie. Yes, it may take tough practices and trainings but you can benefit from it. We all know that police investigators can easily determine when a person is lying. On the other hand, an average person can do identify a person when he is lying but not to the point that he can also do what a professional can do. Sometimes, average people can be better compared to expert individuals but this doesn’t mean that you should not trust a human lie detector.


Inconsistent Statement

If you want to know when a person is lying, you need to look for its inconsistencies. For instance, when a gun-shooting incident happened and you interview a person who is near the vicinity. Now, when you ask him about what happened. Always listen to what he says. If the person says that he heard a gunshot and run he ran away without looking, there is an inconsistency. How did it happen? Actually, his statement was correct. He heard the shot and ran away. However, the inconsistency here is that he should have react when he ran away. He must have looked after he heard the shot and ran away. They initial reaction of a person when he heard a gunshot is that he will look on where the sound comes from and what happen. For this scenario, you will notice that the person is lying.


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