The Microscopic Decision: Small Matters Affect Our Whole Life

Ever made a decision in your life that made you say to yourself, “Well, it’s not that big of a deal”, but then realize that that decision actually set the course of your life? Well, funny as it may seem, every decision, whether big or small, affect our lives. Now does this have to scare us? Well, to be completely honest, yes, a little bit.

Every Decision is a New Path in Life
Should this make us anxious? Definitely not! In fact, this should be a wakeup call for us when it comes to decision making. This should inspire us to take our decision making more seriously rather than blindly making random decisions here and there. After all, not every decision we make is beneficial for us. Some of them might even turn our lives around in a very negative way.

Now let’s take a look at those microscopic decisions. Let’s say you chose to skip lunch today. What happened? You got too hungry in the afternoon that you weren’t able to function well during your work or school. This is just one of the many microscopic decisions we make on a daily basis.

Better Decisions Means Better Life
Now, why is taking control of our microscopic decisions very important? If we make a dirty little microscopic decision every now and then, it forms into a habit. Now that habit along with other habits are what we are made of. Just like how human beings are made of cells, we as a person are made of our decisions.

Decision making is something we cultivate over the years but at the same time, they could happen overnight. You see, a habit is just something you feel more comfortable doing. Now imagine if you were able to make good habits like a really good diet, constant exercise, and maybe even a little time to meditate and relax. What would happen? You would definitely have a healthy lifestyle?

Forming Habits is a Kind of “Decision Hack”
Is living a good life really hard to achieve? The answer is yes and no. If you look at the concept of habits and how they are made of a great amount of small decisions, it definitely looks complicated. But if you look at a decision without thinking of how comfortable you are doing it, that decision is easier to make.

Every decision happens in the moment and although there is a certain level of hold your habits have onto you, that decision is made in the now. Every decision counts no matter how big or how small. What we don’t realize is that although we might have bad habits we would like to change, we can’t change them by changing everything right away. We have to start from the microscopic decision.

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