Top Ten Most Persuasive Words that You Can Use  


We wish that we can muster all the courage and persuade our clients to favor us during a presentation but it is not that easy. We need many things to convince our clients that our ideas are better than others. To start with, why not consider our words? Believe it or not, a single word can make a difference at the end of the day.


In persuasion, aside from the enthusiasm, we need to use key words – the right key words. Effective presentation should persuade the listener not the other way around. There are particular words that can persuade more effectively than others. In 1963, experts identified the most persuasive words. For your next presentation, choose the following words:

  • You: Personalizing your speech is the greatest trick that you can consider. This way your customers will feel that you are directly talking to them.
  • Save: Singaporeans love to save. If you talk about something, make sure that you mention this word.
  • Discovery: The talk of discovery will excite the listeners. The enthusiastic feeling from their childhood will be remembered.


  • Health: Self-preservation is the pursuit of everyone and should be taken advantage. Even if the topic is too far from health, make sure that you make a connection somewhere.
  • Easy: Life is hard as it is and if you provide difficulties, the listeners will just get bored. Your audience wants to hear that their lives will be at ease despite their hectic schedule. What can you offer?
  • Love: Love is the most powerful word that you can use but just be wary not to overuse it. Your listeners love one or two things in life, just do not forget to mention it.
  • Guarantee: Many people will like to hear that you remove the feeling of risk.
  • New: Change will excite people. The innovation and freshness will surely entice them so make sure that you use this word.
  • Safety: You should utter “safety” because it gives people relief, comfort and it eases their fears.
  • Proven: If you are tired of saying “new” perhaps you should use this word. Proven ensures that your listeners are not taking risks. When you use this word, make sure that you have data or information to support your claim.

Persuading fellow Singaporeans may not be that easy but if you do your best, you will ace your presentations. The words you use will surely change the way your listeners think and act. Good luck and break a leg!


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