What to Do When You Are Stranded in Singapore Airport

airportpeople Various airlines from different countries have stopovers in Singapore giving passenger’s free time to tour around. However, it is only limited around the airport as stopovers is more than two hours or sometimes less than. Even if you want to tour the city, you can’t and you have no other options but to wait at the airport for your next flight. But instead of waiting for long hours, Singapore’s airport has something for stuck passengers.


Singapore’s airport particularly in terminal 2 and 3 have two movie theaters offered for free. Most movies that are played are both the most recent movies and classic movies. If you want to rest, there are many rest areas at Ambassador Transit Hotel and pay them at a cheap cost. In addition, the hotel has a swimming pool wherein visitors can swim for a cheap price. You can also make use of their bathroom facilities and access free Internet. At no cost, you can use their PlayStation® 3 and Xbox 360.

Discover Nature

Singapore airport has its own scenery of the country’s natural world. You don’t need to leave the airport if you want to explore Singapore’s natural environment. In terminal 2 and 3, different gardens such as orchid garden, light garden, sunflower garden and butterfly garden are placed. Also there are species of different plants and other plants that can only be found in Singapore.

Pamper Yourself

In all terminals at the airport services such as massage, spa, showers and other services are free of charge. You can get a 15-minute foot massage and a 30-minute full body massage for free.



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