What Women Need to Know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome


Not all women here in Singapore know about Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It is time that you need to be aware of PCOS because it may inflict you. PCOS is a condition in which your progesterone and oestrogen hormones are out of balance. If it is ignored, it can lead to ovarian cyst. PCOS can affect a woman’s appearance, fertility and menstrual cycle.

It is about time that you understand PCOS. Here are the things that you should know about it:


The disappointing thing is that there is no exact cause of this condition however doctors believe that genetics and hormonal imbalances play a major role. In most cases, a woman may develop PCOS if her mother/sister has the condition. Another factor may be the overproduction of androgen hormone. Androgen is actually a male hormone but a woman’s body also produce such. If a woman produces higher levels of androgen, then she can develop PCOS.


The symptoms of PCOS will start after a woman start to menstruate however the severity and the type varies. The common symptom is irregular menstrual periods. You already know that the condition is marked by decrease in female sex hormones. When this happens, a woman tend to develop more male characteristics like thinning hair, decreasing of breast size, deeper voice and excess hair on stomach, chest and even the chest. Other symptoms consist of infertility, acne, anxiety, depression, weight gain and even pelvic pain.


There is no test that can accurately identify PCOS. To make such diagnosis, the doctor will need to evaluate your medical history and consider your symptoms then conduct series of test to rule our possible conditions. Your doctor will accomplish pelvic examination and look if ovaries or clitoris is swollen. Blood tests could also be ordered because it can measure your hormone levels.


You have to know that the treatment is not curative. This means that the treatments will only focus on controlling the symptoms as well as preventing the complications. The least thing that you can do is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It will start with your diet as well as regular exercise.


PCOS can lead to complications like hypertension, breast cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, anxiety, depression, heart attack, sleep apnoea and even endometrial cancer. If you are pregnant, you have to be careful because if you have PCOS, you are at risk of miscarriage. The earlier PCOS is treated, the lower your risk of developing such complications.

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