Witness the Merchants of Bollywood

Bollywood is slowly making its way to the mainstream. Bollywood is now famous not only in India but the entire world. In line with this, the celebrated The Merchants of Bollywood revisit Singapore. The show was a hit last 2010. Singaporeans are excited and ready for the second round. This is a theatrical dance that features life in general which includes romance.

The sparkle, colours and vibrancy will surely stimulate Singaporeans and other audiences. The Merchants of Bollywood will tease the minds and eyes of audiences with their extravagant costumes. The excellence of the show is unquestionable because of its producers, writers, directors and actors. What are you waiting for? Book a seat or two and you will never regret it. Here are some details that can help you:


When: You should pick the date. There are showings from November 5 to 10, 2013. In detail, there is a showing on November 5 (7:30pm), November 6 (7:30pm), November 7 (7:30pm), November 8 (7:30pm), November 9 (2pm and 7:30pm) and November 10 (2:00pm and 7:30pm).

Where: Don’t forget that the venue will be in Marina Bay Sands-Grand Theater, 10 Bayfront Avenue.

Restrictions: The good news is that all people can see and enjoy the showings. You can bring your kids and elders. They will surely appreciate it.

Ticket: Ticket prices vary depending on the seat. For VIP seats, it will cost you S$165.00, VIP Box of 4 seats will cost you S$660.00, A Reserve costs S$135.00, B Reserve costs S$95.00, C Reserve costs S$65.00 and D Reserve costs S$45.00.

The show is worth your money so don’t hesitate to relax, enjoy and indulge. If you bring your family with you, it will be a good bonding moment. Book early so you can get the best seats.

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